How much are homes actually selling for in Alamo Heights?

(NOTE: Zillow has no idea, and its 'Zestimates' are a JOKE!)

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PLEASE NOTE: Texas is non-disclosure state regarding the sales prices from real estate transactions. Accordingly, real estate sales prices in Texas are not readily available in the public domain. Zillow claims to know the value of your San Antonio home via their 'Zestimate', which is ridiculous as they do not have access to the sold data. Zillow admits this on a page which is well 'buried' on its website (see link below). If you go to that page and scroll down the list of cities to San Antonio, you'll see what we mean! Only members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is operated by the San Antonio Board Of REALTORS® (SABOR) have access to sold data from transactions contained in that MLS. MLS members are permitted to provide limited sales data to clients (or potential clients), based on certain criteria such as location, property type or price range, in order that they may make informed decisions as to whether (or not) to sell or buy real estate, as the case may be.

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